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TRACKSYS enables the import of transportation plan to precisely simulate train path cost based on official railway network statements (formulaes and scales of network reference documents).

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TRACKSYS imports detailed invoices provided by the infrastructure manager to identify and automatically detail cost divergences between the transportation plan and invoices of infrastructure manager.

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TRACKSYS analyzes infrastructure expenses generated by your clients: train paths cost, annual cost, last minute order... With TRACKSYS, you identify the real per-client operational costs.

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Rapid simulation of operational costs

Simulate a train's cost in a single click. Calculate the operational costs of your transportation plan and establish solid, precise and reliable financial provisions.

  • Import your traffic plans
  • Choose your train and transportation plan
  • Automatically calculate operational costs
  • Create and calculate new itinerary cost

Compare costs

Compare costs and revenues over specific periods (day, week, year). Identify difference and track your costs with precision and efficiency.

Cheaper itineraries and bid sollicitations

Identify the cheapest itineraries with ABC RAIL. It's the best decision-making tool to identify your commercial opportunities.

Modern Cloud apps.

Our ABC/M platform is a modern Cloud solution. Available 24/7, regular upgrades, customized security, data-piloted.

Automatize your cost control

Control, surveil and automatize your infrastructure provider's invoice cost control with our "electronic invoices follow-up" module.

  • Import your traffic plan and invoice
  • Start the comparator up
  • Identify the difference between plan and invoice
  • Download the report and negotiate with your provider

Revenue and profitability

Predict the per-train, itinerary or transport plan profitability with precision and speed without generating false indirect costs which skew the precision of commercial transactions.

Analysis and performance

Identify, reduce, anticipate and optimize your operational costs and business opportunities.

Dedicated support 24/7

Our team is there to support you. With our 24/7 service, you can rest assured your platform always remains operational and available.