Business challenge

The performance follow-up in the framework of a transport activity demands the precise tracking of punctuality and traffic regularity. This procedure requires the implementation of tools dedicated to critical data collection, aggregation, formatting and restitution in order to monitor strategic goals. Such a tool must provide each hierarchical level with the precise information necessary to its activity: circulation overview and daily reports for operational staff, overall vision and trends gathered in weekly or monthly reports for the board.

Software solution

The Paddle software answers the reporting needs of data recorded daily in the context of railway traffic, be it information put in automatically (schedules, delays) or manually (causes, commentaries). Agents can easily customize punctuality reports which are then shared internally across the company on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) and allow a detailed follow-up on the operational level, as well as a overview of trends for managers.

Key features

  • Realtime or delayed entry of the trains' life
  • Generation and automatic transmission of recap documents with predetermined frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Overview of past traffic through a file browser
  • Creation of custom reports with the option of programming their execution
  • Creation of handrails for the whole day
  • Specification of goals to achieve
  • Date-based archiving of reports
  • Multilingual work environment accessible to multiple users
  • Ease of installation – a browser and internet connection suffice to use the app

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