Digitize, transform and innovate with your teams to improve
your performance all the while fulfilling operational needs.

About Itersys

Launched in the mid-90s, Itersys is an expert in digitization and business processes transformation.

Our approach consists in listening to our clients' needs and bringing them a turnkey solution all the while ensuring the excellence and quality each of our costumer deserves.

We believe in the strength of ideas and new technologies to aid businesses optimize and modernize their work methods. Our skills in the open source world and web technologies enables us to offer our customers the best return on investment in answering their needs.


We accompany you throughout the elaboration of your processes' digital transformation by addressing the various challenges ahead :

Answering operational needs

Our experience taught us there remains, within each department, a series of business processes that are, so to speak, “handmade”.

Typically, these homebrew solutions rely on simple and solid computer tools such as Excel, Access… Data extracted from various operational and management systems is gathered therein to provide department collaborators the information necessary in fulfilling their tasks.

These solutions are crucial to the daily functioning of your company, for they respond to a real operational need.

Major risks

If these "homemade" apps are necessary on the daily basis, they entail several major flaws :

  • Each solution depends entirely upon the person who developed it, often the sole individual with the know-how to update it.
  • There is no centralized backup of these different spreadsheets and databases. Often, the app “lives” on the developer's computer.
  • Data transfer is often done manually, increasing the risk of mistakes.

The loss of these applications or their developpers represents a real danger to the company.

From PC to network

We start off from the needs of your teams to create network apps capable of fulfilling the tasks necessary to said teams' daily work.

Then, this work can lead to a "clean slate" of work methods et give way to new performance improvement leads within your business. That is why we are speaking of modernization and "intelligent" digitization.

An "agile" approach

For many years, our interventions have followed the “agile” methodology. The successive iteration cycles allow us to ensure our development efforts lead down the right direction and continued to adress the real needs of your teams.

The proof of this approach's success ?

Many of our clients are requesting a dedicated Agile team be put at their disposal to provide them with support in the first steps of developing new apps, from POC (proof of concept) to prototype.

You wish to know more ? Feel free to get in touch ! We will be pleased to meet you and discuss the digitization of your business processes together !