Business challenge

Costing control is a financial optimization axis that companies tend to underestimate. The complexity of provisional work and time spent on control procedures is enough to discourage even the most ambitious. Traffic costing in the railway sector is with the trinity heading the railway industry, alongside physical maintenance and human resources. Manual costing estimation and control generally turns out laborious, given the complexity of rules established by railway infrastructure managers. Only a software solution can let you get back on top.

Software solution

TRACKSYS is a forecasting solution, to control and optimize track access charges for railway companies. It allows the importation and creation of complete traffic plans (simulated or in-process), broken down by costs, to identify various train types, to define timetables and distances of itineraries, as well as to check track access charges of infrastructure managers. TRACKSYS does not display the treatment and extrapolation of preexisting data, such as accountancy-based datasets, but provides a simulation based on exact costs.

Key features

  • Import forecast transport plans and carry out calculation on infrastructure, energy and service on platform costing
  • Import infrastructure manager invoices and compare them to the transport plans
  • Identify any and all kinds of invoice errors with precision
  • Benefit from a customer module to manage cost per costumer (freight)
  • Calculate distances, itinerary duration and number of trains
  • Manage network operator scales linked with invoicing (Infrabel and SNCF networks)
  • Consult the results from the app, or from an Excel export
  • Use an built-in module for route creation
  • Benefit from a multilingual and multi-user app
  • Enjoy a secure environment requiring a connexion to the company’s LDAP

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