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ABC RAIL is an Itersysís solution for predicting, controlling and optimizing train infrastructure costs for railway companies.

It allows to import or create complete transportation plans (forecasted, realized, simulated...) and submit them for cost calculation, to distinguish different types of train, fill schedules and distances of routes and check the charging of infrastructure managers.

The power of the tool lies in the fact that its functionalities are not restatements or extrapolations of existing data, such as an accounting database, but a simulation based on exact cost.

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invoices monitoring

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Thalys won the Best Financial Team award in the Best Practice in the Controlling category with the support of Itersys solutions!

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The rail industry challenges

Cost control is the greatest challenge for railway companies.

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Time to market solutions

Itersys is an expert in operational implementation of digitisation strategies for the transportation industry.

Our expertise lies on strong technical skills and our ability to understand and challenge our clients' expectations with performant and tailor made business solutions.

Our numerous references include the development and maintenance of front and back office solutions, such as:

These products are all designed as reliable applications that perfectly suit our customersí needs.


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Business case: PADDLE

Real time monitoring and daily reporting on train schedules

client challenge

Build a comprehensive database of all trains delays with comprehensive information (date, time, cause, responsibility) in order to monitor the company's timetable performance, set management priorities, spot and monitor areas of improvements and report to higher management on a regular basis.

Work under the current train management regulations that imply a strict follow up of every running train from the control room with accurate details.

Automatically generate and send several summary documents to daily, weekly and monthly frequencies.

Help find information on past traffic, either in individual cases or in the form of aggregated statistics.


PADDLE stands for Performance AnD Daily Log Eurostar. It's a web application based on the usual train sheets (train's itinerary and basic information distributed to each train driver) that tracks the life of each train and allows to registers the full trip, advances, delay, causes and responsibilities.

The reporting section is dedicated to statistical reports for performance management, based on these data. It allows generating automated reports on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly...) sent to external users (management). Manual reports can also be edited by the users through a dedicated interface linked to all the database fields.

The application is plugged to the train sheet generation application in input, and to third party systems in output, such as real time passenger information systems, passenger compensation calculation system for delays...

Key features
  • TrainSheet capture, in real time or delayed, life trains
  • Generation and automatic transmission summary documents at a predetermined frequency (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Vision past the traffic through a browser pages
  • Create custom reports with the ability to schedule their execution
  • Creating handrails for an entire day
  • Specification of objectives
  • Archiving of reports by date
  • Multi-user environment work
  • English and Dutch multilingual interface in French
  • Easy installation - a browser and a connection sufficient to use the application
Thalys Thalys Thalys

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Business case: Thalys E-commerce platform

Managing an international train booking platform.

client challenge

The platform is a complex system with several dependencies (two booking engines, multiple web services from numerous suppliers) that is used by more than 800.000 unique visitors per month.

The system is used by the customers to book a journey, consult and generate an eTicket, find information about the traffic or simply gather details of a destination.

The website is a multilingual e-commerce platform generating a high traffic and subsequent sales revenue for the railway company; the website is also the main marketing platform of the company.


Itersys set up a team to provide technical consulting, development, integration, testing, monitoring, release and technical coordination to Thalys.

This team is composed of IT experts whose role is to ensure the delivery of the client's projects and a 24/7 support to the Front-end of the website.

With frequent updates managed by Itersys, we're making sure that the system is up and running at every moment to handle day to day business.

Key features

The e-commerce platform management includes daily activities such as web content integration and ad-hoc development, as well as back-office functionalities development to transfer technical capabilities to the marketing teams.

The consulting scope aims at ensuring that all developments from other providers and impacting the Front end of the website are accurately tested and respect all requirements in order to be validated.

On top of that, Itersys provides business consulting by ensuring that the internal processes respect established standards (Agile, Scrum, Prince2) to improve quality at all stages of the projects.

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Business case: Human ressources software

Calculating complex HR cost for the railway industry

client challenge

The international railway companies such as Eurostar or Thalys rely on parent companies for staff management. They must offer pay packages of mixed compounds for part of the compensation paid by the parent companies and other bonuses and payments related to the delegation.

Human resources departments have to make calculations based on the initial payroll elements but also including specific payment rules defined and negotiated with the delegated employees.

The calculation and workload are even more complex as these companies must manage the payroll of delegated employees from several parent companies simultaneously. In input and output, the items exchanged between the railway company and the parent must meet formal and IT standards of the latter.

With the high level complexity of the HR rules in the railway business, there?s a need for a dedicated solution with very advanced customization.


The payroll management system is a web application designed to calculate premiums and other specific allowances to which national railway companies of personal representatives (SNCF / SNCB) are entitled while working for an international railway company like Eurostar or Thalys.

The application is a key support tool for managing existing contracts, career history and many other personal factors that influence employee salaries.

Technically, the application consists of a personal information database fed by activity reports from third party applications (advanced timesheets) that calculates payment rules (premiums and specific allowances) and exports official payroll documents both in digital and paper format.

The main challenge of such a product is the complexity of the many competing calculation rules determining the payment of the employees? benefits.

Key features

Automated and unified management of delegated agents for a substantial productivity gain for calculating payroll.

Full support of the generation of documents provided to the agents and the services in charge of making payments.

Improved management tracking of the agents? careers with automatic email reminders for contract renewals, medical visits, and safety skills.

Security of stored data with the confidentiality rules governing data access and handling.

Creation of statistics based on the data entered in the application.

Think Green: Less generation of paper = less pollution.

The cost calculation software is a key tool to keep social peace in a public company.

Thalys Thalys Thalys

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Business case: ADEF

Forecasting and managing international transportation costs and revenues - The path to Activity based management

client challenge

Improve internal cost control and business management of a railway company with a financial tool allowing cost controllers to forecast, monitor and report on all operational costs and revenues.

Create a financial tool containing the infrastructure cost calculation rules from the networks operated by the company in order to forecast the exact infrastructure cost, monitor its evolutions and the bills edited by the infrastructure managers.

Implement all the operational costs and revenues of the company in order to calculate the cost per train (activity based costing), get regular financial performance reports and play simulations to foresee the financial impact of business decisions (activity based management).

Integrate the operational teams in the financial control process by allowing them to use a tool they understand and that brings them the KPI's they need.

Develop a tailor made solution that centralizes the key information from an existing software environment, avoiding functionality duplication and easing the data integration for the users thanks to technological bridges.


ADEF is a powerful activity based costing tool designed to forecast, monitor and control all the aspects of the infrastructure-related costs and revenues. It allows operational and financial teams to work hand in hand for reaching the financial goals of the company.

ADEF is a fully integrated tool specially designed to meet the needs of transportation companies. Its various modules allow monitoring the global cost linked to the railway exploitation, from controlling the invoices to anticipating the cost of new routes.

Operational and financial departments follow all operational expenses from day-to-day, control invoices, and have a precise forecast tool to anticipate budget evolutions and evaluate the ROI of opening new routes or other financial decisions.

Key features

Comprehensive tool to simulate business plans over long periods: human resources, all costs related to the running trains, communication and marketing, tickets sales.

Import transportation plans (realized , projected or simulated)

Calculate the exact cost of railways' booking (based on itinerary, day, hour, station stops, electricity cost?) for trains running on several networks for a same journey Calculate the costs linked to the trains circulations (energy, services, cleaning?)

Track the costs of various items of expenditure planned / realized / simulated (available with the simulation module)

Check the invoices received and details of the differences with those calculated by the tool (thanks to the invoice comparison module)

Generate a claim file if the product spots discrepancies between bills and forecasts

Play a quick simulation of a single journey (on one or more networks to give you an idea of the potential cost of a route before doing a full simulation)

Last, but not least, our software is made to be highly customizable and will meet the needs and specifics of your business.


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